After 8 years working fashion textile designer for different Business Units (at Adidas & C&A) I'm well grounded in fashion- and textile graphic. From trend research, conceptual work & presentation, design & creation, until preparation of final drawings considering the technical characteristics, compilation of technical sheets and controlling the sampling process. Five years experience in classic advertising agencies upfront - mainly corporate design, typography, layout & text - help understanding Brand CIs and enable to support and protect CI Guidelines during design processes.




Trend Research & Concept

Developing & elaborating the graphic concept based on inspiration trips,
trend research and marketing results

Creation & Design
According to the concept creating artworks, placed & allover,
from digital till handsketched or photography.

Definition of colors & execution, technical preparation,
adaption to the pattern, determine sizes etc.

During my employment for Adidas I intensively looked into the topic
"Print executions-possibilities & determinations" and passed several
workshops at the manufacturers abroad.


Setting up technical sheets with color information, sizes,
technical details and specifications


process in close contact with the manufacturer.






Corporate Design








Allover & Placed

Seamless & Knit






Upcycling Design

Interieur Design